A Community Manager is the face of a company, managing communications in both directions. Community Manager responsible for all communications, PR, social media, events, and content creation, among other things.

It’s a Web 2.0 communications role, incorporating online tools and in-person networking to create relationships and ultimately build the company’s brand, both online and off.

Responsibilities :

1. Content creation – writing blog posts, articles, newsletters, communications materials, and material for social media channels

2. Social media marketing – creating, managing and growing the company’s presence through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other strategically relevant online properties

3. Events and event planning – attending industry events  and planning meetups for your community

4. Public relations – managing incoming media requests and building relationships with industry journalists; creating, executing and measuring media campaigns

5. Customer relations – responsible for customer support – answering questions however they come in (phone, e-mail, Twitter) and managing any online feedback forums such as GetSatisfaction pages

6. Communications/marketing strategy – responsible for creating strategic marketing/communications plans to provide direction for the company’s public-facing communications

7. Analytics – Using Google Analytics and other measurement tools to provide reports on metrics, and continually find ways to improve on those metrics through testing and new initiatives

8. Business development –   give insights to improve business development and sales

Skills :

1. Outgoing personality – they will be required to walk into networking events and be comfortable introducing themselves to strangers

2. Writing skills – a background in journalism or experience with writing helps since they’ll be creating so much content for your company

3. Social media experience – experience with social media tools isn’t a must, but it’s definitely helpful and cuts down on training. Look for someone who can navigate WordPress and understands Twitter and Facebook for business

4. Interest in your industry – a Community Manager needs to be passionate about what they do. If they’re not interested in your product or service move on

5. Willingness to work around the clock – being a Community Manager isn’t a 9-5 job. Make sure they understand that the job involves working some evenings and weekends, and responding to community members outside of work hours 

6. Good employee – great time management skills, ability to multitask, intelligence – doesn’t get stressed under pressure

7. PR experience – having experience with public relations is a nice to have, especially if it’s a focus for your business

8. Culture fit – The person needs to get along with other employees and needs to mesh with the company’s culture

9. Education – a degree in journalism, communications , or someone with a PR or corporate communications certificate